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Family Healthcare

Keeping You and Your Family in Peak Condition

At Pinnacle Health Care, it’s our mission to make sure each and every one of our patients has the tools and resources to scale the summit of their personal health potential. Since 2006 Dr. Raghib has dedicated himself to making sure every patient he treats leaves our office feeling more like a part of the Pinnacle family instead of just another number on an insurance form. He has built an extensive pediatrics department and recently expanded to include family practice with a team of providers that share the same values in delivering healthcare. Your family is your number one priority, and at Pinnacle Health Care, they’re ours too. This is why each of us take the time to listen to what our patients are saying when we treat them.  

For us, it’s simple. Addressing a symptom is only one part of a much larger whole. The Pinnacle team believes strongly in treating the patient, the person, not just a body part or specific condition. It’s a large part of the reason Dr. Raghib founded Pinnacle Health Care in the first place, to create a whole-of-care environment where the time restraints larger medical facilities can face in the course of their patient treatment would take a back seat to spending every necessary minute with the patient. This ensures our patients receive the highest level of care possible. That attention to detail is the foundation of the care you and your family receives at Pinnacle Health Care. It’s important that when you leave our office, you’re not only on your way to feeling better, but you also feel good about the quality of care you received.

Where Every Patient Feels Like the Star They Are